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With the astronomical rise of E-Commerce, businesses have continued to increase their online presence. We understand how important this transition is, and we are here to assist you and your business in adapting and flourishing in this new digital landscape.

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When you choose Banatel, you’re partnering with a trusted team of experts. Our extensive experience extends to websites for startups and established multi-million-dollar companies across various industries, including fashion, media, and energy. With our proven track record, who better than a team of experienced and qualified developers to work on your website?

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At Banatel we are platform agnostic and work with various tools such as WordPress, Shopify, React.js and other tools depending on the clients digital needs. We understand that every client and website will have different requirements and are experts in working with the tools that you need for your business.

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As a versatile web developer with

extensive experience, I specialize in leveraging React, WordPress, and Shopify to elevate companies' online presence. With a proven track record of driving growth, my passion lies in transforming entrepreneurs' visions into dynamic digital experiences. Let's collaborate to craft compelling online experiences that captivate audiences and propel your businesses forward.